WELCOME to the website of the German-Iranian conductor Hamed Garschi. 

Cologne conductor Hamed Garschi is known for his stirring and sensitive interpretations that span the major symphonic and operatic repertoire, historically informed performances, and contemporary scores. The extraordinary temperament of his conducting and the impressive depth of his musical interpretations put Hamed Garschi in the focus of international interest and make him one of the most distinguished conductors of the younger generation.

"Conducting is a riddle that reveals the best that is not in the notes. Conducting conveys three tenses simultaneously - past, present and future, to the orchestra and allows them to become one."
 – Hamed Garschi – 

 The conductor Hamed Garschi conducted several orchestras during his career, such as the MDR Symphony Orchestra, the WDR Symphony Orchestra, the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne and many other international orchestras and ensembles. As a guest conductor Hamed Garschi conducted among others the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, the Sibiu Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra Coburg as well as several young symphony orchestras.